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1. Pioneer in PBMC and iPSC banking

Subsidiary of CytoMed Therapeutics, iPSCbank is the first to provide such banking service for PBMC and iPSC, among the few stem cell banks in Malaysia, Singapore and South East Asia.

2. Certified state-of-the-art GMP facility

To ensure safety and high quality standards, your cells will be isolated and processed in our own GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) laboratory based on Malaysia National Pharmaceutical Regulatory Agency (NPRA) which is one of the participating authorities in The Pharmaceutical Inspection Co-operation Scheme (PIC/s). PIC/s was established in 1995 to establish common standards in the field of GMP. View our Gallery

3. Skilled and experienced scientists

Your cells will be processed by skilled scientists who are experienced and well-trained to perform all the established protocol for isolation, processing and storage in our GMP laboratory. All our operators are required to pass strict Personnel Validation and Medical Examination before being entitled access to a GMP standard facility.

4. Therapeutic potential

  • Should a crisis surface (eg. cancer, stem cell transplantation), we have the global  exclusive patent, expertise and knowhow to reprogram your cryopreserved cells,  into proprietary cancer-killing immune cells as well as iPSCs (induced pluripotent stem cells) for future regenerative medicine therapy.

  • CytoMed is currently planning clinical trials with leading hospitals in both Malaysia and Singapore on cancer therapy using CAR-gdT Cells.

  • We are also continually conducting research and development to open up more possibilities of cell therapy applications in the future.

5. Private & Confidential

We take care of our clients' privacy. Personal information and test results will be kept confidential according to our Privacy Policy.


Certificate of Compliance - Air Sampling

Certificate of Compliance - Air Sampling

Certificate of Compliance - Cleanroom Gr

Certificate of Compliance - Cleanroom Grade

Certificate of Compliance - Clean-Air De

Certificate of Compliance - Clean-Air Devices

Certificate of Practical Completion.jpg

Certificate of Practical Completion

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